What if I need to move before my lease expires?

The lease contains language that outlines the steps required for Assignment of Lease.  The process begins with the tenant submitting a written request seeking permission to release the property.  The property manager will then complete a walk-through of the property and determine whether or not the tenant will be allowed to proceed with the release process.  If permission is granted then the tenant is then required to complete the Procedures of Lease form and pay an administrative fee of $300 or half a month’s rent, whichever is greater.  The tenant is required to advertise and show their property to new potential tenants.  The tenant is still responsible for paying the rent until a new tenant is found. Once the tenant has an interested person, the new potential tenant will fill out an application and be processed and approved by the office.  Once a new applicant is approved the new and old tenant will decide on an agreeable move in date for both parties and complete a final walk through of the property together.  The new tenant will sign a new lease and the old tenant will be fully released from their current lease.  As long as there is no damage, the outgoing tenant will receive their full deposit back.